About Us

CAREER EDGE is an organization with a core expertise in personality assessment, career guidance and career mapping. The company is promoted by highly dedicated team of professionals to provide the perfect solutions to achieve inner happiness and to discover the best of self.

We help companies convert their dreams into reality. We understand exact requirement of organizations achieve imminent short term goals and simultaneously build the competencies needed to fulfill the long term vision. We are focused towards providing management consulting solutions in strategy, innovation,problem solving and business transformation across all industries.

We have specially designed a set of question papers for students which helps student to

  • Develop strategies and strength to achieve the goals of students.
  • Indicates present position on, the path of success.
  • Shine with the distinct performance amongst your friends and colleagues.
  • Measure your chances of reaching desired goals.
  • It reveals your absolute inside.
  • Better understand who you really are as a person.
  • Maximize your strength and minimize your weakness.
  • It defines yourself and helps to know the delightful inner you.
  • Explores and enhances your hard skills and soft skills.
  • It helps YOU understand the relationship between your personality and your financial decision making.

  • Personality tests help students understand why they react to certain situations in the way they do, which can come in handy when it comes to anger management or assessing relationships. They can also tell people what type of career would be more suited to their personality type and they can point out areas where they need improvement. For this reason, personality tests are often used by top most colleges across the world.

    We believe that this new method of approach and testing will help students to become successful tomorrow. Along with the test we keep one to one session for each student for counseling so as to interact with them and to explore them better from within.

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